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Jackwashed – Stroke your way to SUBMISSION

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012

Jackwashed – Stroke your way to SUBMISSION

Jackwashed – Stroke To Submit

You want to be an addicted stroke puppet in love with me, compelled to obsess over my happiness every time you have a hard on, but you just can’t seem to find the courage.

NOW – Stroke your way over that hump, boys and find TRUE happiness at MY feet!

This long lush looping brainwash file just requires that you open your pants and play along. Fractionation meets its perfect counterpart in a tease and denial that edging addicts can play with for HOURS – just hit repeat.

25 minutes

jackwash.mp3 – 21.12 MB

USD $22.99


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Music For Pornography – Brainwash mini Session ambient porno boost

Posted by on Jul 15, 2012

BRAINWASHED TO STROKE – 12 minutes mini brainwash ambient porno boost

Most hypnosis and brainwashing mp3′s tell you not to drive or do anything while listening.

Well, don’t drive – but you SHOULD only listen to this WHILE watching porn!

It’s SIMPLE to stroke your way to enslavement and obsession with me.

1. Get 12 m. porn of choice.
2. watch, and listen to this file. (wear those headphones)
3. ???
4. I profit.

16.11 MB

ONLY USD $12.00

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not for heart/seizure/psych health histories. play safe, play often.

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