Subject: Doll Personality Overrides and Fembot Hypnosis

I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with a subject whose interests run alongside some of mine. Normally I don’t write about my calls, but this is general enough and has no identifying information attached to the reports.  I am a fan of de-personalization: the ability to use recreational hypnosis to create alternate mental spaces to retreat into. Not “alters” in the sense of alternate personalities per se, but alternate non-personalities.

I realized that one of the things that I find compelling about the fembot concept is its relentlessness. Fembots: they get the job done. They’ll malfunction, self-destruct, or die trying.  The installation of a fembot routine in the existence of a sissy is an incredibly powerful drive. It has the power to regulate the human personality as much as the human personality has the power to regulate the retreat into the doll personality.

One surprise is just how aggressive the feminized and dollified behavior really can be – I’ve had to be more literal and install more safeties and overrides than I do with most subjects.  This is easily accomplished, it’s just something I’m not used to needing to do – most boys require overkill to get a new suggestion really locked and anchored, and then a minority will latch onto things in a very literal way: the truly better subjects out there are few, but always make my time more rewarding and more interesting.

Dollification hypnosis is really one of my favorite types of session, and I’ve got a strong preference for live sessions when it comes to this. There’s something innately satisfying about being able to feel the changes in energy that happen – I can literally sense the moment that the flesh becomes a plasticized doll reality for the subject, just via breathing change, pacing, and through knowing what I know through experience.


Hello, hypno mp3 junkies. It’s a new year for hypno-fetish mp3’s, and for me, a new mic.


I’m really quite in love.  Most Dommes will do well with, and swear by, condensors, but I’ve found the thick, hung dynamic of my dreams. (It’s that silly foam covered AM jock favorite)  You’ll hear a new found freedom, playfulness, growl, and ease in these new recordings – I know you’ll love everything about them.

I find myself in the mindset of general audiences and fresh blood, lately.  There’ll be more here for any-and-all genders, people who are interested in hypno-play and physical responses and parlor trick kind of experiences – generalized entry-level kinky play, stuff that lends both fun and escape to your life – AND mine, by virtue of making it.  I’m also pricing some of this work in a more….democratic vein. It’s an experiment, and kind of a paying of things forward.  We have so little opportunity to tune out and get a break, and so I want to make that possible in different ways, for as many people as possible, while still being self-sustaining and self-fulfilling.

Don’t worry, sick fucks among you – there will still be specialized and advanced content, files which SHAMELESSLY enslave the listener to me – and files which will mess you up on me exclusively – but these will be, as always, clearly marked and delineated, and if it’s not in there, it’s not in there.  You’re clever, you’ll figure it out.

What I’m pleased about is mainly just how much is in my toolkit, the sheer number of strategies – from opaque NLP and non-trance mindfuckery, to the slow, classic, never-done-this-before, to the sweetest little lullaby of a track that turns you into an addict without rival for everything I do – the possibilities are endless.

Between your mind, and mine, that’s never been more true.

If recorded femdom hypnosis isn’t your thing, remember to schedule your live session via Niteflirt:

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