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Spiral of Addiction – Brainwashing Spiral Visually Enhanced Trance

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012

Spiral of Addiction – Brainwashing Spiral Visually Enhanced Trance

Not so soft and not so sweet.  Swiftly powerful.

When you’re bored with safe and sane. When you’re done prevaricating.  You tried to fight it. You know you cannot.

You can’t help it. Your greatest erotic ache – is to feel trapped. Fucked-with. Taken advantage of. Brainwashed balls-deep into financial, emotional, and existential servitude. Spiral of Addiction.

Not for novices, wusses, sensual-only subs, or anyone who can’t afford (in all senses of the word) INTENSIVE brainwashing for my purposes! 13 minutes of SPIRAL video, use stereo headphones and blank out – NOW.


not for heart/seizure/psych health histories- NB the video is a VISUALIZATION SPIRAL ONLY to boost the power of my kickass hypno audio.


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The Desire – Pure Hypnosis Fetish VIDEO

Posted by on Oct 30, 2012

The Desire – Pure Hypnosis Fetish VIDEO

For TRUE trance fetishists – these 16+ minutes of visually enriched audio will spin you into a dreamy state of submissive stupor – fall under the subtle spell of my covertly worded encouragement to submit to me, fall for me, desire to please me, and return to me again and again when you feel the hunger for surrender.

binaurals and video, not for heart/seizure/psych health histories

NB There are no people or porn in the vid – it’s visualization which SERIOUS trance fetishists often find preferable and less distracting.  This is erotica for trance fetishists, not trance for horny people, as some of my other work is.


NB: your video will be markedly better in visual quality

WMV format 16+ minutes



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