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You will call me Control. And I will call you subject.


You are the subject of the story of your trance.

The cult of personality is fickle, wavering and weak. The cult of power is permanent, transferable, and fixed.

Call me Control. Simply do as I say. It isn’t all that unreasonable, and it usually feels very nice.

Trance is what captivates you, and control is what captivates me. Whether it’s subtle and fleeting, or whether it is totalitarian and all-consuming.

You are the subject of the story of your trance. I am simply narrating decisions that your mind has made, revealing the shape of what you actually wanted, when your story started.

When Control remains, evidence of our discussions in your actions, echoes of our little sessions lodged in your worldview – you’ll naturally think of my voice as Control.

To learn more about me, delve into the BLOG. It’s actually quite candid and revealing, and the tags and categories should get you what you’re looking for.